TOPM Educational Purpose

TOPM coordinates public  forums, panel discussions and townhall meetings to educate on the needs of high-risk communities, voter's education and the public health issue violent behavior. 

#BEEMPOWERED  is TOPM hope for" individuals  & communities ".

TOPM Educational Activities

2018 Panel Discussion


From A Crime Problem to A Crime Crisis: City of St. Louis

2019 Talk With Tam Townhall


Empowering North St. Louis by Empowering North St. Louisans

2019 Black Communities Conference Workshop Presenters


The Advantage in the Disadvantage Communities: Empowerment 

TOPM Black Communities Workshop: The Advantaged in the Disadvantaged Communities: Empowerment

September 9-11, 2019

The Carolina Theater  Durham North Carolina

Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed to introduce "community inreach" as an alternative programming approach to community outreach. The attendees will develop an "empowerment plan" to discover strategies distinct to their communities'need.

Panel Discussion: How did the The City of St. Louis elevate from a crime problem to a crime crisis?

From A Crime Problem To A Crime Crisis

JUNE 2013

According to the Uniform Crime Report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the City of St. Louis was ranked 7th , the most dangerous city in America. 

JULY 2013

The City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan was released introducing 317 strategies, some to which were developed to address the problem of crimes throughout in the City of St. Louis. 

JUNE 2014

The City of St. Louis Department of Health published , 2014-2017 Community Health Improvement Plan, identifying the key health issues in the City of St. Louis. 


According to Law Street Media, The City of St. Louis became ranked 4th most dangerous population over 200, 000. 

JULY 2015

The City of St. Louis became recognized as 19th most dangerous city in the world. 


Influenced by The Ferguson Commissions Report, The City of S. Louis rolled out the P.I.E.R. Plan to reduce crimes through Prevention, Intervention, Enforcement and Reentry Strategies. 

From A Crime Problem to A Crime Crisis


The City of St. Louis Department of Health published an updated report, Understanding Our Needs, which data provided violence indicators based on zip codes.


The City of St. Louis Department of Health published  "What More Should We Do" of the six discoveries for the violence policy.


According to The Law Street Media, St. Louis became ranked 1st most dangerous City with populations over 200,00.

MARCH 2017

By request of the City of St. Louis, OJP Diagnostic's performed a Diagnostic Analysis for the City of St. Louis for the purpose to recommend solutions and promising practices best fit to implement in a community.

APRIL 2017

Robert Cardillo, the Director of NGA stated security as a concern in the Project Action Plan as weight in his decision for neighborhood implementation choice.  

JUNE 2017

The City of St. Louis Director of Operations Todd Waelterman announced that the 2018 Annual Budget has widespread cuts in departments such as forestry and the street department that were made to adjust for the costs for police and fire department to address crimes.

From A Crime Problem To A Crime Crisis

JULY 2017

At the news conference, Governor Greiten announced that the City of St. Louis has a "crime crisis" and Mayor KrewSon stated gratitude that the State now recognize that the crimes in St. Louis are not a problem but a crisis.